Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are tamales gluten free?

A: Naturally! Although, we cannot claim gluten free certification of all of the products that we use.

Q: Do you have vegetarian options?

A: We always have vegetarian and/or vegan tamales on the menu. All of our sides are vegan as well.

Q: Do you cater?

A: Yes! We can serve tamales and sides for up to fifty people. You may also order as many as 400 hot tamales packed in an insulated container. The tamales will stay hot for at least a couple of hours.

Q: Do you sell frozen tamales?

A: Yes! Vacuum sealed packs of two are stocked in the grab and go freezer in abundant variety. If you need more you can order through this site. Allow at least a couple days for special orders.

Q: How do you reheat frozen tamales?

A: Thaw them in the fridge the day before. A toaster oven works great for one or two. Leave them in foil and warm for about 30 min. To heat a dozen or so, put the tamales wrapped in foil on a cookie sheet into a conventional oven at 350 degrees for about an hour.